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Perhaps I should inquire this of Mr Munyard just for an orderly way to proceed:

Mr Munyard, you took the witness through a series of photographs and she said a number of things on the record, and she pointed to certain persons in certain photographs by saying this is so and so, this is so and so. Now, months from now we will not know who it was she was referring to other than our personal notes that we've taken. I do not know if you intend to exhibit these photographs later or what you intend to do with this kind of evidence, but I can tell you that for her to point and say this is so and so, this is so and so, without either marking the photographs or describing the person she has pointed to, these pictures are not much use in evidence. If, on the other hand, you do not wish to refer to them, that is also in order. But I thought I would mention this to you before the Prosecution starts cross-examination.

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