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Now, I want you to listen for a moment to some evidence that I'm going to read to you.

Madam President, this is from the transcript of 12 March 2008, open session, starting on page 5940.

Mrs Dogolea, I'm just going to read a passage of evidence to you, and then I want to ask you a question about it. So listen first to what I read. I'm starting at line 17:

"Dogolea was the Vice-President to Charles Taylor, but it came to a time he started advocating for Charles Taylor to go to America and negotiate with the American government. From there I heard from Benjamin Yeaten, the chief security to Charles Taylor, who said that the man was trying to connive. For that reason Charles Taylor gave instruction for him to be dealt with, so he took Enoch Dogolea to the banana bush in front of Benjamin Yeaten's house. He was beaten up with young banana trees almost to the point of death, and he kept him in Ben's house and after Charles Taylor travelled in two days and the third day they said, 'Charles Taylor sent for Enoch Dogolea to go for some military materials for us.' After he left we heard that he was sick, and he remained in the Ivory Coast until his death and he died as a result of the beating. I also took part in the beating and that was by Charles Taylor's instruction."

Now, that was the passage that I wanted to read to you. Have you ever heard any suggestion that your husband was beaten almost to the point of death and that he died as a result of that beating?

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