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Madam President, a witness was due to have arrived this morning, having travelled overnight. I have made arrangements to see that witness at the end of the Court day today with a view to proofing her and hopefully having her in Court tomorrow morning. However, she is a very short witness and I don't anticipate her evidence taking much more than tomorrow. Indeed we might even finish her during the course of tomorrow.

The next witness is not due to arrive until sometime on Saturday, again having travelled overnight, and I know that my learned friend who is going to be dealing with that witness will need two or three days to proof that witness. And so as your Honours know from what we said earlier in the week, some of these events have been completely beyond our control and so we do not anticipate being able to have a witness in Court on Monday because of the need to proof that witness.

Now, at this stage if your Honours would give me just a moment to confer, I'll be able to indicate hopefully whether we are anticipating being able to have that witness in Court on Tuesday. If you would give me just a moment.

Thank you for the opportunity. Madam President, the position is we anticipate being likely to call that other witness on Tuesday afternoon. In other words, what --

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