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So this is a Defence exhibit from the official journal of the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, as you can see at the top, and there's a date there which is August 1997. The front page number 7 says, "Extending the scope of activity and mandate of ECOMOG to cover Sierra Leone." If we could just turn over the page, please, to page 13. So at the bottom there it reads: "Decision A/DEC.7/8/97, extending the scope of activity and mandate of ECOMOG to cover Sierra Leone." Towards the bottom it says:

"Considering that the objectives being pursued by ECOWAS with regard to the situation prevailing in Sierra Leone following the coup d'etat of 25 May 1997 of the speedy reinstatement of the legitimate government of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah; the restoration of peace and security in Sierra Leone and the resolution of the problem of refugees and displaced persons" and skipping two paragraphs: "Considering that the intransigence and negative attitude shown by the junta constitute a serious obstacle to the efforts being made by ECOWAS to ensure a peaceful settlement of the crisis and poses a serious threat to peace and security in the sub-region; deeply concerned at the worsening of the crisis in Sierra Leone; convinced that the strict application of certain measures instituted to make possible the attainment of the objective of ECOWAS requires the urgent intervention of the armed forces" and finally at the bottom of that page: "The scope of activity of ECOMOG is hereby extended into the territory of Sierra Leone to assist in creating the conducive atmosphere that will ensure the early reinstatement of the legitimate Government of Sierra Leone."

Mr Witness, having read that, it's right, isn't it, that ECOMOG's mandate was extended after the elections in Liberia to cover Sierra Leone, correct?

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