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I have never said NPFL elements. Let me clarify certain fact to you that you need to know and understand. Pujehun is very close to Liberia. If you leave Pujehun it's just an hour and 30 minutes' drive to Monrovia. But immediately you cross the border you are in Liberia from Gendema. And the advice in Liberia on the other side of the border, there are people that are called Kaw in Sierra Leone that also speak the same Vai. There are Mendes on this side, there are also Mendes on that side. And if you get closer to that border you realise that even the Sierra Leoneans use the Liberian currency very much because the distance to do business in Kenema is very far, so it's easy to do business in Monrovia. So intermarriages occur between that borderline. So a lot of people speak Liberian English on the Sierra Leone side, likewise on the other side of Liberian border. So speaking Liberian English at that initial stage cannot identify whether this person is an NPFL or whether he is a Sierra Leonean that speaks Liberian English. So I cannot tell you about NPFL at that time. I know of RUF that was fighting in that axis.

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