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Mr Witness, I'm not trying to show you a photograph this time. I wanted to show you an extract from the reports of the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission and that's the front page, but if we could go to page 125. And towards the bottom of that page in the big paragraph there's a sentence that starts "a Mandingo faction movement for the redemption of Muslims". Can you see that? Yes, you are there. So I'll just read that out. It says as follows:

"A Mandingo faction Movement for the Redemption of Muslims (MRM) founded by Alhaji Kromah and a Krahn faction, Liberia United Defence Force (LUDF) organised by a US trained Special Forces officer who was also once Doe's Minister of Defence and ambassador to Sierra Leone, Albert Karpeh, together, merged into the United Liberation Movement For Democracy (ULIMO) on May 29, 1991 in the Republic of Guinea."

Now, Mr Witness, it's correct, isn't it, that ULIMO was formed as a result of this merger of the MRM and the LUDF?

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