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Madam President, we do face difficulties logistically in that sense because of some developments with the airlines that brings the witnesses and Mr Griffiths mentioned these yesterday. As I stand before your Honours, we do not have in The Hague besides the witness that has just finished and the one whose testimony has been continued, DCT-190, another witness I believe. I think those are the only two witnesses we have physically in The Hague. We expect some witnesses towards the end of this week, today being Wednesday, but how many are coming I am not entirely sure. Originally two were scheduled to come in the next few days. I have been told it's down to one and there might be another person arriving over the weekend.

We have no difficulty with the manner of proceeding proposed by counsel opposite, which is to commence with the cross-examination of DCT-190 tomorrow. Where a difficulty might arise would be sometime early next week. To the extent that the Prosecution is unable to continue that cross-examination for reasons indicated already, we may come to a point early next week where we have just had a witness arrive and we might be seeking time to meet with the witness and proof the witness.

So it's hard for me to say. All I can say is we will be prepared to go forward tomorrow and we will keep your Honours apprised about the developments regarding the transportation of our witnesses and to the extent early next week we need more time to meet with the recent arrival, we would make the appropriate request.

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