The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Right. This is the document that was marked MFI-3 as redacted yesterday and that document is now admitted as exhibit P-543 and will be marked confidential.

MFI-4, which I have described before and which consists of a whole page, that is exhibit P-544.

MFI-5, consisting of a single page but only the first two paragraphs of that page are admitted in evidence as exhibit P-545.

MFI-6, which is a page out of The Perspective, and that is page 1 of the article entitled "Scanning the current Liberian business environment: A first person's account" by Jackson Fiah Doe Jr. The first paragraph on that page is admitted in evidence as exhibit P-546.

Lastly, the press release Security Council/8359, an article entitled "Security Council on Liberia updates its travel ban list". Now, that first page, the title on the first page, as well as page 3, the portion that relates to the two names that were dealt with in the witness's examination, that's Belle Dunbar and Jenkins Dunbar, those portions of that document are admitted as exhibit P-547.

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