The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Well, I make the objection nonetheless and I am, of course, in the Court's hands as far as that is concerned.

The same observation with regards to MFI-5, which is the Liberian TRC excerpts, if you will. You have heard testimony by the witness. There is reference here to the New Democrat. So what we have here is allAfrica website reprinting something from the New Democrat which the New Democrat says came from the TRC reports. That's the essence of this document. Nobody knows where this information came from. That's the nature of this document.

The Prosecution has in this same case presented evidence directly from the TRC report. Why not in this instance? And so I invoke again the best evidence rule at this stage of admissibility, and I urge your Honours to consider it as a generally applicable principle of international law and to preclude the admissibility of this document. Thank you.

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