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To be more precise, and for purposes of brevity and efficiency, I do not have an objection per se to MFI-6, which is the Jackson Doe article. All I would ask is that only the portions considered during cross-examination or re-examination be included as part of the exhibit. Essentially, I am asking that the first full paragraph only constitute the exhibit, not the parts dealing with rice importation and the like. So that's MFI-6, and that's the observation there.

I would make the same observation regarding MFI-7, the Security Council document. Counsel opposite read the top part of the first page without naming the names on the rest of the first page. The transcript reflects that counsel merely said there are some names listed on the first page. And then we went to page 3, and counsel opposite considered only two entries.

Now, we ask that to the extent this is exhibited, that the exhibit is made up of only the parts of the third page referred to by counsel opposite and the parts of the first page referred to by counsel opposite; that is, we object to the balance of the document constituting any part of the exhibit.

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