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Madam, this is a list, a press release, with the number "Press release SC/8359". We see it says, "Security Council committee on Liberia updates its travel ban list". I am just going to read a little from the first page and from the third page. On the first page, just so we understand what the list is. It says on the first page:

"On 14 April 2005, the Security Council committee established pursuant to resolution 1521 (2003) concerning Liberia decided to add the following five individuals to the list of persons subject to the travel restrictions imposed by paragraph 4(a) of resolution 1521 (2003) and renewed by paragraph 1(a) of resolution 1579 (2004) (the travel ban list)."

And then we see five names. The next sentence indicates: "The revised list is reproduced in full below." If we turn to the third page of the document we see the first name that appears is Belle Dunbar, date of birth 27 October 1963. Is this your cousin, ma'am?

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