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Okay. The article is dated February 28, 2007. I am just going to read part of the first paragraph:

"While in Liberia, I discovered that certain businesses are very profitable in the country. They are generating lots of money. For instance, the cellphone companies are reaping enormous profits. Currently, there are four cellphone companies in Liberia: Lonestar, Cell-Com, Liber-Cell and Comium. These companies generate revenues in several ways; they sell cellphones, prepaid cards (or scratch cards) and phone chips or (SIM cards). The cellphone companies especially enjoy significant profits from the prepaid cards. Unlike their counterparts in the United States and other parts of the world, which offer customers various call plans, and allow them (customers) to pay phone bills at the end of the month, cellphone companies in Liberia only offer customers prepaid services via calling cards. Therefore, one has to use a prepaid phone card to make local as well as international calls."

Would you agree with what I've just read about the fact that the only way to make - to use a phone, mobile phone in Liberia at least up to February 2007 was through a prepaid phone card?

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