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Be that as it may, Mr Anyah, I would imagine that whatever information that you may have that is contrary to what we have, you have the right to raise it in re-examination. That is a possibility.

In any event, this is a web page and the title on top of the page is "Lonestar Cell/MTN Liberia company profile". We are of the view that there is nothing to preclude the Prosecution in putting this document before the witness and the reasons given by the Defence in our view do not hold water as this is cross-examination and indeed the Prosecution is entitled to put such a document before the witness. So the objection in relation to that document is overruled.

The second document is a web page from and the title is "Liberia: TRC's economic criminals". The Prosecution indicated that they would rely or wanted to put before the witness the first two paragraphs of this article that is dated 6 July 2009 and that they would not be concerned with the rest; they would not put the rest of the article before the witness.

Now, we have read the contents of the first two paragraphs that the Defence objects to on the grounds that they go to the guilt of the accused. We do not agree with the arguments of the Defence for the reason that although the article indeed does speak of "several individuals and institutions the TRC concludes are guilty of economic crimes" and then gives the excerpt, Mr Taylor is not on trial for economic crimes and therefore we do not think that whatever is written in this article in any way goes to his guilt as far as this trial and the indictment are concerned. So we overrule the second objection and the Prosecution is free to put the documents before the witness.

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