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When he came he offered me some of his lunch. I said, "Thank you," because I had had lunch and he ate. Then later on he went in a room and brought a brown envelope and he told me, "Just look and see what's in this envelope." I did. I saw two tickets with two men name, I don't remember the names, and a brochure and receipts in the package for - I'm not a technician, but it was like a radio station. Something they use, put up antenna, whatever, for radio station.

And after I looked at it he said, "I brought this to tell you something." He said, "The station you are talking about is - you know, they are a small station in the States and I know exactly who is doing that. It's" - I think he said Aaron George. He said, "They do those things. They take little things to these stations to allow them, you know, to damage my image."

And then he asked me, he said, "Did you hear that there's a station called ELWA Love Winning Africa in Monrovia?" He said, "They said that I removed the station." I'm not a technician. I don't know what it is that he moved. But he said, "I only show you these papers to tell you how people lie, because I sent for this, I sent people for training and now the news were out that I stole or I removed the station from ELWA." And he said to me, "Look" - he showed me his hair, he said, "Look, I'm getting grey, I'm getting old and I have my children here. Don't try to take your family out of here because nothing is going to happen. There will be no more war." And I said, "Thank you."

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