The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

This morning - my sister was his dietician, and she had gone to the market that morning and passed by my house. I am not too far from the market. And I was kind of confused, and she asked me, What's going on? I said, I have a problem. She said, What's the problem? I said, My sister Juliet called me and told me to take my mother, my nephews, and my cousins to Ghana. Why? She said that was - there were arms coming to the country. And I told my sister Fanny, I said, So I'm confused. I don't want know what to do. She said, Wait. I'm going there to that house, and I will ask Charles Taylor, because he knows that I'm afraid of guns. And she went to the house. It was maybe about 45 more minutes she came back to my house, she said, He wants to see you. But when we got to the house, he was gone to work and he told her that I should wait until he comes for lunch, which he did.

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