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Now I would like to read you some testimony from 19 August 2009, page 27192. Sir, this again is testimony from Charles Taylor. When I start to read, what I'll be reading is the Defence counsel in his question is first reading the testimony of a Prosecution witness and that was TF1-388.

Your Honour, I did refer to the Abidjan Accord and Article 6. That is an exhibit just for everyone's - for their information. It's D-87. Article 6 is the provision that calls for the RUF to disarm.

Sir, the Defence counsel in August of last year, reading from the testimony of Prosecution witness TF1-388, read:

"That the witness goes on. First he - that is you, Mr Taylor - suggested that he would want to take Mosquito back, and Issa said no. And he said, 'Ah but, Issa, if you would take care as a commander, as a leader.' Then Issa said except if he returned and informed the RUF family he said because RUF was a family."

Then Mr Taylor was asked by his counsel:

"Q. Now, did you suggest that Mosquito be taken back?

A. No, I did not suggest that."

Mr Witness, Charles Taylor lied to these judges when he said that because you were present when he asked Issa Sesay to take Sam Bockarie back to Sierra Leone, correct?

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