The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Sir, I just want to go back to the meeting that you had with Charles Taylor and remind you quickly of a bit of your testimony about that. So if we could have the transcript from 1 June, page 41796 on the screen, please. At line 20 I asked you about that meeting:

"Q. What did Charles Taylor say to them?

A. He said, 'You people should stop. I've heard from

Bockarie that there is an infighting. That is, there is a

problem between Issa Sesay and Sam Bockarie, and therefore

I want you to be dissolved and you should take Sam Bockarie

back to Sierra Leone.'"

Then going to page 41797, the next page. At line 25 you were asked:

"Q. When Charles Taylor then encouraged Issa Sesay and

RUF to accept Sam Bockarie back within the movement,


A. Yes."

And that's correct, is it?

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