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So if we can go and have the transcript, please, for 25 March, page - I believe it's 38014 - 38015. I'll start reading from about ten lines down. He was asked on line 10 - John Vincent was asked:

"Q. On that day, 23 March 1991, what role did you play in

the operations that you are referring to?

A. When I got there, I was issued an arm that was captured

from Koindu. From there, the troops had already advanced

ahead. I stayed in Koindu as the ground commander.

Q. You said when you got there you were issued an arm that

was captured from Koindu. Before you entered Sierra Leone,

did you have any weapon?

A. No.

Q. Before your group entered Sierra Leone, did most of

those you were with have any weapons?

A. No, there wasn't any weapons.

Q. The weapon you say you received that was captured from

Koindu, do you know where in Koindu it was captured?

A. These weapons were captured right at the military base.

At that time they were using the police office in Koindu.

That was where the military base was. So the group that

chased the SLA from Sierra Leone went and captured all the

supplies that they had; arms, ammunition and everything."

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