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This was at any time when they come to - maybe if one of the fighters belonging - because they were completely isolating themselves from us. They were not to any side that we were residing. They were a little bit farther. So whenever the - any of their members - because anybody that was coming would come with somebody, he says this is my bodyguard, he will bring two or three. They came that way. So any time we are meeting them we say: Well, we think you are NPFL fighters and you came here. What have you come to do? You said you came to help. But you are calling yourselves Special Forces. What do you mean by "Special Forces"? The answer they gave is - to me was that anybody that comes from another country coming to fight to another country is a Special Force, therefore, they are Special Forces. So any time I asked them, that's what they would say until the latter part when James Kawie executed his orders. He was repetitively saying this until the end, he left.

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