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So he - then Fembeh, after he has initially thought of doing this and the news had reached the Liberians that were there, both the RUF and those that were helping us, they became annoyed. Then they decided to arrest Fembeh. Demonstrator came to John Kargbo and told him that they were going to arrest all of us, but they are going to start with the main front line commanders. They arrested Peter Vandi. They arrested Morris Kallon. They arrested - later they arrested Mohamed Tarawalli. Because when they attempted to go there, he also said that he is a trained commando and he would not allow anybody to arrest them. And that was the man that Dopoe Menkarzon - the two of them, that is, Mohamed Tarawalli and Fembeh, Dopoe Menkarzon was afraid of these people because they can really fight.

So Mohamed escaped for survival, and later Pa Foday Sankoh told him to come so that they can bring him before the people. Immediately they brought them. They took them as if Foday Sankoh was not even there, put them in the truck, except they have to wave to us.

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