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Always I can ask a question because I saw that we were bleeding blood. And I told them, "My brothers, you said you came to help. Why is it that you people cannot carry us to the leader of this country?" They said, "You are not to ask a question." There was a drunkard that was standing in front of me. He stood up and said, "Ah ha, I know. We have just been receiving messages that people would come and attack. I know these are the people." That was what that old man said. And therefore we are going to execute you people. While he was talking he was going away from Dopoe Menkarzon. He never stood. But we can't say anything at that time. You don't talk. We were just sitting down as if we are not even born citizens of Sierra Leone.

So they told me, "You came here to ask questions. I don't think you will go back." I said, "Look, let me tell you, if at all you are telling me not to go back and that is my country, please allow us to go back before we come and die here. If you are not going to carry us anywhere, you want to keep us here, then please carry us back to Sierra Leone and kill us if you want to." Then Dopoe told me, "From that one you should not talk any longer."

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