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Madam President, what they told us was that we have - I mean, the RUF has not recognised them here having come to help us, and therefore if that is the thing they are going to arrest all the leaders. And they arrested us. It was not in the absence of Foday Sankoh. Foday Sankoh was standing right there and he was calling Pa James. He used to call him Pa James, James Kawie. He called him repetitively. He could not even listen. The words he uttered to Foday Sankoh were, "Pa, I am on operation and therefore I am not going to listen to anybody. I came here on my own and if you don't like me, I can go out. But I am going to do the operation." He took Morris Kallon, threw him in a pick-up. They just took him and threw him as you can take a rice bag to send it up. They took Mohamed Tarawalli the same way. He was arrested later because he escaped, but he was later arrested. Morris Kallon the same. And that same Pa James was in Mobai. So that was how they carried us, madam. That was the reason.

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