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Sorry, Madam President. I am talking about Dopoe Menkarzon. Dopoe Menkarzon, he was the main person together with one James Kawie. They tied us. Dopoe Menkarzon - excuse me, madam. Dopoe Menkarzon made his people, together with James Kawie, to tie us, that if that could happen, could have happened to me two times, I would prefer dying because the rope went into my skin and the others the same and the group that was there were, briefly: Edward Fembeh, myself, Daniel, Kargbo, Augustine Kargbo, Abraham Dugbeh, Kosia, Mon Ami. There was a Short Mon Ami. These are the people I could remember now. They were there.

Then I asked them a question, "Why have you brought us here? If at all you think that we are here, why can't you - you are all Liberians and you went to fight over there. You have brought us to Naama. Is it because Naama is the place that we have to, I mean, come for anything that happens in Sierra Leone?" I said, "Why can't we go to the leader?" They said they were not going to ask, nobody sent them over there. We stayed on that camp again for another two weeks before - a week.

Then Foday Sankoh, according to what he came and explained, he has laid the complaint to His Excellency - to Charles Taylor, because these guys are Liberians. Immediately following that, he came back, he made the people - he made Dopoe Menkarzon to send us back. We came back to Sierra Leone.

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