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Your Honour, when these friends came to help, at the starting point they were obedient, but the time came when they went absolutely out of the principles of the RUF. They were not implementing orders and what they used to tell us: We don't have any CIC. We came here on the our own. Nobody sent us here. So if you want, you can send us - we are from Liberia. We can go back to Liberia. So I told them, I said, well, if you are saying that, I want you to know something. I have been in Liberia. I saw the fighting that went through there. Then did you ever see such a thing or whatsoever you are doing here, is it because this is Sierra Leone? That brought them. The next day a group came. They brought a whole lot of ammunitions and guns, put me under gunpoint. I told them: I am asking you why.

Then when I asked them the question, they couldn't answer. I waited for Foday Sankoh, when he was at Kailahun, I sent a message by radio. I said, "Pa, the people are doing something that is not good. At this time we are hearing of people going to people's houses, raping and doing this, and this was what you said shouldn't be done." He came and talked to them and went back to Kailahun. From there they repeated. Bosco and others in my presence executed a woman. He did it because he said he wanted the woman's daughter. This was done in Pendembu and - yes, Pendembu. Then I told Pa, Foday Sankoh, again, "Pa Sankoh, if you are thinking that these people they have come here, they said they didn't come under the auspices of anybody, they are here to come and fight, they came to help you, why can't you complain to the person that they are - or the leader? Let him be aware. Maybe he is aware of those people." And there nobody has come to say anytime we talk about the commander-in-chief, that is we are talking about Foday Sankoh, "They are always ignoring you. They don't have respect." Sam Tuah had no respect for the leader. And he can just talk to the leader as if he is talking to his equal or a peer group.

So from there Foday Sankoh decided to, I mean, go to Gbarnga. He went there. When he came back he met almost the same thing. At that time he came, before he could even arrive or maybe go to his executive or his mansion, we were all arrested. We were tied and taken to back to Gbarnga. In Gbarnga, they tied us. My Lords, I couldn't take this. If I take it you can see the mark. And told us that they were running a final top. That is, after they have done so many things. So the final top came and we were - I was among the final top. They carried us to Gbarnga. When we reached there again, I asked them, "Why have you brought us here? You said" --

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