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I would like to read - if we could have the transcript for 12 April 2010, page 38755. Sir, going down six lines, this is from the testimony of Charles Ngebeh, who testified openly in this trial. He was being asked about the attack on Daru Barracks. He said at line 6:

"A. It was Charles Timber who attacked Daru Barracks.

That is what I knew. Charles Timber.

Q. And Charles Timber attacked Daru Barracks, and he was

killed in that attack?

A. Yes.

Q. And that was an earlier attack, wasn't it, Mr Ngebeh?

A. It's correct. You are correct. No, I cannot actually

tell whether it was during the first attack, because Timber

was based at Baima. They used to attack place frequently.

They had severally attacked that place. But since his

death, nobody was able to ever attempt after that again,

and that was the guy they called Rambo."

Sir, did you know that Charles Timber was sometimes called Rambo?

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