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When Foday Sankoh said he had to go in - let me ask you again about something you said yesterday, if I can find it. If we can go to page 41719 from yesterday's transcript. You were being asked by Defence counsel about the incursion and at line 14 - well, I'll just read first the first the top few lines. You said at line 2:

"We received this message from Foday Sankoh when he came from Gbarnga. When he came he told us that he heard people have already gone."

Then skipping down to line 14, 15, you were asked to explain what Foday Sankoh meant and you answered at line 15:

"Well, his explanation was that when he heard it he has already - a friend came and told him about it, that there was an incursion and he asked him why is it - whether these were the fighters from the RUF. But what that - I don't know his name. What he told Pa Morlai was that they also didn't go in, but he heard that these people - the Sierra Leoneans on the battle lines during the war in the Liberia and some Liberians have escaped on the other side. That is, they were in Sierra Leone."

Sir, just so we understand what you're saying, Foday Sankoh came back to Naama and he said he had heard that there already had been an invasion from Liberia into Sierra Leone, correct?

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