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And then if we go to page 41705 from yesterday's transcript, line 16, the Defence counsel asked you about why you didn't try to leave Naama, and you said at line 18:

"A. Obviously I was going to be killed.

Q. By whom?

A. Well, the order was there that they said about ambushes

and I don't know, I mean, what they were talking about

ambushes. And later on I came to realise that you are

surrounded by people to monitor your movements so you have

to be here. So had I attempted --

Q. Pause there. You were surround by which people?

A. The same men that we met for security reasons, they

said they were going to guide us, that is, the soldiers.

The soldiers were on that base."

So, sir, these were the same men - or from the same group of men that diverted you were monitoring you at the Camp Naama; do I understand you correctly?

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