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I just want to understand something you said yesterday. You said yesterday at page 41699, line 16 - well, I will give your whole answer. Starting at line 12 you said:

"A. Well, I mean, being in Liberia for quite a long time I

knew exactly that we were going towards Voinjama and we

went - we reached to Gbarnga, diverted to the left going to

Voinjama, went let's say about 7 to 10 miles, then we were

intercepted. This group that intercepted us were NPFL

fighters. Then they told us that we cannot pass. It was

around 12 o'clock in the night. They stopped us and told

us - the NPFL fighters told us that, 'Because of security

reasons, and we do not know why you are going, we are not

going to allow you to pass.'"

Then you were asked on the next page, the bottom of 41700:

"Q. Then you've have reached a point where you were


I don't know if it would be helpful to your Honours to put it on the screen or I should just read it, but it's yesterday's transcript 41700, the last four lines. So you said:

"Q. Then you've reached a point where you were stopped.

Just tell us what happened when you were stopped or


A. When we were intercepted, My Lord, I was somebody that

was - I used to ask a lot of questions because, being that

I could lately speak the language, that is the Liberian

language, so people thought - even those that were with me,

they were not convinced that I was a Sierra Leonean. So I

asked the commander, 'Please, Mr Commander, can you tell me

the whole night being without food, from 12 we have not

eaten anything and we are sitting down, people are coming

to look at us as if we have committed a crime. So please

tell us when we are moving from here?'"

You then said that the citizen came and gave you bananas and treated you nicely. Then on line 13 you were asked:

"Q. Were you eventually allowed to go on your way?

A. Restriction was very heavy, my Lord.

Q. Did you at some point leave that place where you had

been intercepted?"

You gave an answer. The question was basically repeated, and you said at line 22:

"A. Obviously I've said it. Instead of going through the

straightforward road we were diverted to another course

that we went in and this place - if you can allow me to go

very fast - this place was called Naama."

And, sir, these soldiers - correct me if I am wrong - that had detained you and diverted you accompanied you to Naama. Is that correct.

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