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In May '97, when the RUF joined the AFRC in Makeni she was part of that group. They used to come to Freetown, she and Nya, and then return to Makeni. And they were in Freetown up until the time for the intervention. They retreated through Tombo to Makeni and to Kono. And then she was with Nya in Kono from February up until August, and they moved to the Koinadugu District together with Superman, up to December of '98, they came to Makeni, and from Makeni they went and based in Lunsar, and they were there after renewed fighting, they were in Lunsar sometimes and in Makeni. And in '99, they were in Lunsar. In 2000, she came to Makeni. So during the May 8 incident, Alice was in Makeni, whilst Nya was arrested in Freetown. So Alice left Makeni in 2000. She was in Makeni in 2000, up to 2001, the disarmament time.

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