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Yes. He became a lieutenant before we joined the AFRC and during the AFRC he was a lieutenant. He was operating around Kenema, Tongo Field, Kailahun, up to the time they retreated back into Kailahun. And before - he was in the Peyima Jungle before. They were the ones who retreated from Peyima to Giema in October '96 and before the AFRC he was staying in Giema up to the for the AFRC coup in '97. He was in Giema before the AFRC coup. And after the AFRC coup he was in Kenema, Tongo and later he withdrew to Kailahun. So from March - in March he was in Daru, so February, March - and part of March, he was in Daru. That was in '98. And from March to December up to part of 1999 he was in Baiima in the Kailahun District.

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