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Yes, I met with him during the AFRC time in Freetown. And during the retreat I was at Four Mile, that is Songo, coming to Waterloo. When the troops retreated from Freetown, he and the others were in Kono, to oversee the mining in Kono. So when they came from Kono they met me at Fogbo - sorry Four Mile. So all of us drove to where the group crossed the river from Tombo. So all of us retreated to Masiaka and from Masiaka I saw him again in Makeni when I came from Bo and we met in Johnny Paul's village. I met him there. Then we were the ones - we met again in Kono during that meeting with Johnny Paul. Then all of us travelled again from Kono. They met me in Gandorhun. We travelled from Gandorhun to Kailahun, Buedu, because he was in Kailahun with Akim. From there later he was posted to Pendembu as brigade commander by Bockarie. So the two of us were there from May to December. I left him in Pendembu in December '98.

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