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When she came to Camp Zogoda she was there up until October when the Kamajors and the SLA attacked Zogoda. She was among the group that Mike Lamin headed and they went to Pujehun and crossed over the border to the ULIMO zone and they surrendered. So from October '96 she was in Liberia to around November '97 when she returned to Freetown, when she came back to Sierra Leone through Kailahun and Kenema and she joined Mike Lamin. She was at Mike Lamin's house at Hill Station November '97. So she was in Freetown up until the intervention and they retreated with Mike Lamin through the peninsula to Tombo and they crossed to Fogbo and to Masiaka and she was with Mike Lamin when they went to Makeni. And from Makeni they went to Kono. All of them went to Kono. From Kono - February '98 she was in Kono up until March. Then Sam Bockarie sent a radio message for her to report to Kailahun. So when she reported in Kailahun, Sam Bockarie appointed her as deputy training commandant at the training base in Bunumbu under the command of Jah Glory because Jah Glory was the training commandant there.

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