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SAJ Musa was in charge of that area, together with Gullit, because at that time Gullit was in Rosos and SAJ Musa, Brigadier Mani and General Bropleh were in Kurubonla. Bockarie decided to send them there, together with Alfred Brown and others, because Bockarie did not know anything that was happening in that axes, so he sent those operators so they would be able to send messages to him so that he would know how the men were operating there. That was the purpose for him to send them there, so he was there. From Kurubonla he joined Gullit and others, up to the time that SAJ Musa join them in Major Eddie Town and all of them, together with SAJ Musa, came to Freetown, they came to Waterloo. SAJ Musa died and he - Gullit and others continued to Freetown. So in February they withdrew from Freetown and he came. I saw him in Waterloo, I saw him there. And he came to Makeni. He was operating with Superman in Lunsar during the infight, the infighting. From that time he was in Makeni up until disarmament.

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