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No, this is not true. This is not true. The time that I went to Monrovia in October 2000, when I went to accompany the delegation that was to go to Abuja, like Jamba Goba, the two of us travelled together, that woman, from Kono to Monrovia. Then I waited in Monrovia while they returned. I travelled together with them from Monrovia back to Kono. I did not travel with this man to Monrovia and I did not meet him in Monrovia, and I did not break any single rounds, no, no ammunition to Sierra Leone. In October 2000 there was no UNAMSIL in Kailahun, the Indian troops that were deployed there had withdrawn and had come to attack Pendembu and had come to Daru. So I can say from September, October, November to December there was no UNAMSIL in Kailahun at this time, so this was just a made up story.

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