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Now, Mr Sesay, this individual gave further details of this trip to Monrovia during which he met you. He said this:

"A. The first plan after the mission" - that was the

mission that he went on in Foya up to Voinjama - "was that

after accomplishing the mission, I should come and see the

Pa, and that was the reason why we moved me to that place,

but after the arrival of Issa, I did not see that happen

again. After Issa's arrival, I did not see Mr Taylor."

And then he goes on:

"A. Issa Sesay and Benjamin Yeaten would go to the


And further:

"A. I was at Benjamin Yeaten's place" - this is 9497, line

24 - "when they told me that they were going to meet Mr

Taylor at the mansion. So they moved together with

Benjamin Yeaten, Issa Sesay, Benjamin Yeaten, so I did not

follow them any longer. They moved again and went to the

mansion. When we arrived in Monrovia on the first day,

Issa was not there but he came on the second day."

And then he said that on the fourth day they returned. This is page 9498, line 13:

"A. We flew back, Issa Sesay and I. We came back to Foya

because that is where we left the troops.

Q. When you left to return to Foya, how did you travel?

A. That morning, I saw war materials, logistics, and they

were put into the vehicle, and that same field where we

used to land was the same field where we took the


And then he indicates that these were taken from the dump at the back of the President's house, Benjamin Yeaten's place, and then these were the logistics, page 9499:

"A. I saw AK rounds, a good number of it, RPG rockets,

that too a good quantity. I saw AK machine guns, new ones,

they were also in good quantity, and I saw RPG tubes, and

they too were in good quantity and they were new ones, and

I saw grenades and other materials that I cannot recall


Q. When you were there and you saw this material at the

back of the President's house" - bottom of the page - "who

else if anyone was present apart from you?

A. Issa was present, Benjamin Yeaten and the security

officers were present. And I saw Zigzag Marzah. He was

there too. The time the materials was loaded I saw Zigzag

Marzah and other ATU soldiers." Line 18: "Zigzag Marzah

was one of the President's securities."

Now - and then he goes on to say, page 9503, line 9:

"Q. What happened to that material that you saw there?"

Bottom of the page, line 26.

"A. I said when they had loaded the materials into those

two vehicles, one van and a jeep, when they'd loaded the

materials, they brought another jeep where we - we went

into that vehicle and went to the field."

Over the page, 9504:

"Q. Who went to the field with the vehicle?" Line 4.

A. Issa Sesay."

And then the bottom of the page:

"A. After we arrived, the materials were taken out and

transferred into the helicopter but I was really concerned

why this quantity of materials, when there was disarmament

on in Sierra Leone, they were talking about peace and again

they'd sent this quantum of materials."

And then it goes on. Line 17:

"A. Issa Sesay entered into the helicopter." Line 21:

"We landed in Foya." Line 23: "We met vehicles that had

come from Kailahun and we loaded all the material into the

vehicles. We waited until the evening and we travelled,

and they waited until the evening because we were afraid

because at that time UNAMSIL had deployed and we were

travelling with materials. We were afraid that they will

see us. That is why we waited until night."

And then he goes on to say that the material was moved with you accompanying it to Buedu, to Kailahun, to Pendembu.

Now, I have gone into some detail in relation to that, Mr Sesay, because this individual is implicating you deeply in carrying a quantity of war materials in a helicopter from Monrovia to Foya and then by road from Foya to Kailahun at a time when you say you were disarming. Is this true?

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