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Now, you will recall that when I began dealing with this topic of arms and ammunition, I recounted to you that the witness had said that he was involved on three such missions to collect ammunition. At page 9458, 9 May 2008, he was asked this:

"Q. When was the second occasion?

A. That was in 1998 still.

Q. Whenabouts in 1998?

A. Well, after this mission, because this other one was

around March to April, it was not too long. It was a short

time. That was the time ULIMO and the LURD forces invaded


So let's pause and put that together, shall we. What this individual was telling these judges was this: Shortly after the ECOMOG intervention, the RUF received 40 boxes of AK rounds, ten boxes of RPG rockets and some AK-47s. Not too long after that, a second trip is made, so let's deal with the second trip. Line 16:

"Q. How did you become involved on that occasion in

obtaining the arms and ammunition?

A. The commander called me again, that is Mosquito at the

same place, Buedu, and explained the issue to me. That

that was what the Pa had told him, that those men had

invaded his men at Lofa County. That's ULIMO and LURD."

And he then explains that the Pa is Mr Taylor.

"Q. Now you said that those men had invaded his men at

Lofa, who were those men who invaded and who were his men?

A. The LURD forces.

Q. And who had the LURD forces invaded?

A. Charles Taylor.

Q. So what else did Sam Bockarie tell you?

A. He said we were to put men together to go and help

to clear the enemy from that place.

Q. And what did you do when you were told to put men

together and go and help to clear the enemy?

A. Well, he gave me my own task that I was to go and

prepare men in Kono and that Issa - I was told to go and

prepare manpower for that same mission" - line 17 - "and he

said that he had told Issa and Morris Kallon to do the same

preparation in Kono."

Now, pause. March/April 1998, that's page 9458. Was there discussions about you going to Kono with Morris Kallon at that time in 1998, Mr Sesay?

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