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And the witness's account of these events continues at page 9453 in this way. Line 16, having explained that, after an hour or so, we saw a helicopter coming, it came to Foya, it was flying over Foya:

"Q. Where did it land?

A. Foya airfield.

Q. Can you describe the helicopter, please?

A. It was a military helicopter.

Q. What do you mean by military?

A. It had a green colour.

Q. How many people were in the helicopter?

A. Two pilots and I saw up to five people who alighted

from the helicopter."

Line 21.

"A. Mr Bockarie introduced me to a man whom he said was

Mr Taylor's chief bodyguard. He said his name was Benjamin

Yeaten and they used to call him Director."

Line 27:

"Q. Did you see the person who was the pilot of this


A. Yes, sir.

Q. Can you describe what that person looked like?

A. He was white. They were white people."

And then he goes on line 11:

"They were Ukrainians. Bockarie - later I asked

Mr Bockarie and he said they were Ukrainians."

Line 17:

"Q. Did you know where this helicopter had flown from?"

Line 20:

"A. Monrovia."

Over the page, please, 9456:

"A. After the blacks had alighted we went there and

off-loaded the material and put them into the vehicle.

Q. Can you remember what the materials were?"

Line 9:

"A. They were AK rounds and there was RPG rockets and

there were RPG tubes; 40 boxes of AK rounds were there, 10

boxes of RPG tubes and some arms, AK-47s."

Mr Sesay, after the intervention, do you recall the RUF receiving that quantity of material flown by helicopter from Monrovia to Foya, 40 boxes of AK rounds, 10 boxes of RPG rockets?

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