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That is not true. That is not true. Because I never heard that a helicopter landed in Foya for the RUF, or brought a RUF person throughout 1998 - for a helicopter to bring a RUF person, that was after the Lome Accord that that started between Mr Taylor and the RUF. But before that time, no, and this - this witness, this person, was - I came to Buedu in late February 1998, and this man was in Daru at that time. Because when we withdrew from Kenema, they were in Daru, so Bockarie and I visited Daru, we visited Daru from Buedu, they were there. Up to the time ECOMOG and the Kamajors captured Daru and they withdrew. That was the time Bockarie said I should take care of Baiima and Manawai was to go and take care of Kuiva and Foday Kamara should take care of Mobai. From that time I was --

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