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"Q. What did you do after the phone call you had with Sam


A. When he called me he told me that ammunition was to be

brought to Foya and so we should go and collect it."

Line 24:

"A. So I joined him and we travelled, we took his two

jeeps that he had and mine and we moved to Foya.

Q. Who did you join?

A. I joined Mosquito. We took his two jeeps that he had,

and mine, and we moved to Foya.

Q. So how many jeeps went to Foya?

A. Three.

Q. Three vehicles. And who were the people who went to


A. I went - the two of us went with few of his security

men and his radio man.

Q. Do you know the name of the radio man?

A. Elevation.

Q. What did you do when you got to Foya?

A. Well, at that time we went but the helicopter had not

arrived yet because he told us that the helicopter was to

bring the materials and we went to the commander, the

commander was one Commander Joseph."

Now, there is a lot there that I want to ask you about, Mr Sesay. So what this individual is saying, sometime after the intervention, so after February 1998, he gets a call from Sam Bockarie who tells him that he, Sam Bockarie, has received a call from Pa Taylor, who will be sending ammunition to Foya by helicopter and you are to go there and collect it. Any truth in that?

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