The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Question line 7, page 9447:

"Q. Do you know whether Sam Bockarie was able to get arms

and ammunition with that money?

A. Yes. We started getting some arms and ammunition that

sustained the movement."

Line 15:

"Q. Was there a time when you, yourself, were involved in

getting arms and ammunition?"

Line 20:

"A. Yes.

Q. How many times were you involved in obtaining arms and

ammunition for the RUF?

A. Three times.

Q. When was the first time?

A. The first time, it was after the intervention.

Q. Where were you based at this time?

A. I was in Baiima then."

Now, you've indicated, Mr Sesay, that you know who this witness is. Was this witness in Baiima after the intervention?

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