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And the testimony continues in this way. Line 14, page 9446:

"Q. And in relation to the getting of arms and

ammunition, what happened in 1996?

A. Well, in 1996 we had serious pressure from the

Kamajors and it was almost at the point of collapsing, the

movement was almost at the point of collapsing. Well, at

that time we were able to get connection again with Liberia

because there was now peace in Liberia and so we had some

connection with Liberians again.

Q. And what was the result of the connection you had with

Liberia, when it comes to the getting of arms and


A. That was the time Foday Sankoh came from Abidjan and

met us in Kailahun. He gave some money to Sam Bockarie,

some dollars. At that time we had so much pressure. We

had materials to fight against the Kamajors, so he gave

some money to that man to try by whatever means for us to

get logistics to fight with."

And then he goes on to explain that the money was given to Sam Bockarie.

"Q. Do you know how much money was given to Sam Bockarie?

A. No, he did not disclose the total to us. He only said

the Pa had left some money for us to try and get


Now, is it right that in 1996, Sankoh gave some money to Bockarie after Sankoh came from Abidjan to purchase arms and ammunition?

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