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There was no communication because had they hadn't any radio sets to communicate with the Kailahun group, so they couldn't communicate with Mr Sankoh. This continued until 1993, when they sent Manawai, together with other men, to check in Kailahun and to be able to see Mr Sankoh and explain their situation in Pujehun to him, and, indeed, they came through the Gola Forest to Jojoima, it was in Jojoima that they came and they went to Mr Sankoh. So this group, about seven of them to ten, remained in Kailahun, that was including Augustine Koroma, he was the most senior man among them. They were now in Kailahun until 1994, December 1993, when they went to Mr Sankoh, that Mr Sankoh was to create the Zogoda. So Mr Sankoh was to send them, together with some other armed men, to go to radio set - to go to the Pujehun District. And when they went there, they installed the radio set and they spoke to Mr Sankoh. That was early 1994. When they called for reinforcement from Pujehun, that is Gibril Massaquoi, Monica Pearson, Momoh Rogers, many of them came.

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