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Yes, my Lord. I said the RUF were on two flanks; the Pujehun District and the Kailahun District. The Pujehun District in late 1991 the ULIMO forces and the government troops pushed the RUF to the border. In fact, the ULIMO, which he said came from Lofa and they fortified the border, between Liberia and Sierra Leone, this is Pujehun District, no, that's not correct. The ULIMO came from there and they came through Pujehun District, they crossed the Mano River Bridge when they defeated the RUF and before they spread into Lofa Bridge and into Lofa County after they crossed the Mano River. So from late 1991 the RUF in Pujehun District were cut off. They were now surviving on captured ammunition from the government troops. Up to 1994, before they joined Mr Sankoh in Zogoda, some of them - while some of them remained in Pujehun.

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