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Q. What was the change?

A. That was the time ULIMO took the border from us, 1992,

between us and NPFL, when they came from Lofa they

fortified the border." Line 21:

"A. That was the time the ULIMO forces came from Lofa and

they ensured that the entire border was fortified between

us and the NPFL. They captured right up to Robertsport.

From that time, the relationship had started cutting off

between us and the NPFL.

Q. What effect did that have on the arms and ammunition

that they - you had?

A. Well, that affected the movement greatly. The war was

not progressing because we were not having any other place

to get ammunition from, so it affected us greatly.

Q. What was it that affected the getting of the

ammunitions and the arms?

A. Well, at that time the enemy had cut off the supply

line between us and the NPFL, where we used to get our

ammunition to fight with. That was why the war was not

progressing, because we could not fight without the

logistics that so affected us immensely.

Q. What happened to the movement?

A. Well, the movement collapsed a little. We were just on

defensive. Our only offensive was to lay ambush and we

returned to our same base where we were, so that really

created a problem for us."

Line 27:

"Q. How long did that situation last?

A. It started in 1992 up to 1993. It stopped there and

then phase 2 started when we went and met with the leader

but from 1992 right up to 1996, the border between us and

NPFL was cut off. We had no relationship with them from

1992 right to 1996."

Now, pausing again, question one: Do you agree with what this witness was telling these judges, that from 1991 to 1992, the RUF were getting their arms and ammunition from the NPFL?

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