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Page 9442. 9 May 2008. Question line 3:

"Q. I want to turn now to a topic involving arms and

ammunition. Can you tell the Court generally, while you

were with the RUF, where you got the arms and ammunition

that you used from?

A. Well, first in 1991, after we had been trained, the

Liberians were mainly leading the war. The ammunition was

coming from Liberia. That was 1991, right up to --

Line 16:

"Q. For how long did the arms and ammunition continue to

come from Liberia?

A. From 1991 to '92."

Line 23:

"Q. When you say the arms and ammunition were coming from

Liberia, where, if you know, in Liberia were the arms and

ammunition coming from?

A. Well, I couldn't tell the part of the country where the

ammunition was coming from but the NPFL fighters who came

were the ones who brought the ammunition because at that

time, I was a junior man in the movement.

Q. And did the NPFL fighters tell you where they got the

ammunition from?

A. No."

Line 16:

"Q. Can I ask where the NPFL fighters came from?

A. It was Liberia.

Q. And where did the NPFL fighters get their arms and

ammunition from?

A. Well, at that time I did not ask them where they got

their arms and ammunition but only that we got arms and

ammunition from the NPFL fighters.

Q. Earlier in your evidence, you did say that you got arms

and ammunition in 1991 to 1992 from Liberia. Do you

remember giving that evidence?

A. Yes.

Q. How do you know that the arms and ammunition at that

time came from Liberia?

A. When we were in here, we were pushed to Liberia and we

went to Bomi. When Pa Sankoh and Mr Ghankay came and met

us and they issued materials to us to come and fight in

Sierra Leone, so by that I know it was Liberia, we were not

in any other country but in Liberia."

I want to pause there and ask you this, Mr Sesay: If I understand your evidence, there were two occasions when the RUF, or members of the RUF, were forced to retreat into Liberia, is that correct?

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