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I said it's a lie. This witness is lying. Because before I went on the attack in Kono, this meeting, which we held at Waterworks, there was nothing like a meeting that we held in Sam Bockarie's veranda about this. The meeting was held at Waterworks. It was after all that Sam Bockarie went and briefed Johnny Paul, and Johnny Paul advised me, before I left to go to Kono; even the brigade commander who came after us, the senior commanders, was the most senior brigade commander in Kailahun. Bockarie did not invite him to attend this meeting, and who would be this witness? Who was this witness to have been invited to attend such a meeting? This is a black lie. This witness is lying. The brigade commander, the deputy brigade commander, and even Morris Kallon who was in Pendembu, Bockarie did not invite him to this meeting. It was after the meeting that Bockarie told me to invite Morris Kallon to join me to go to Kono. So this man - those who were in higher in position, above him, they were not invited to the meeting. How would he have been invited to such a meeting? He was not part of any meeting about the attack on Kono. To my living God, he was not there.

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