The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Thank you. And on this briefing of Charles Taylor after the meeting, page 9434, this question was asked:

"Q. You gave some evidence earlier when you used the

phrase 'they briefed President Taylor'."

Line 25:

"Q. Who briefed President Taylor?

A. First it was Sam Bockarie. He held the phone and

spoke to the Pa. He briefed him about the arrangement we

had done about the mission and later Jungle himself went on

the same phone and spoke on the same topic to Charles

Taylor - President Taylor."

Page 9435, line 2:

"Q. Where was this phone?

A. It was a satellite phone."

Line 21:

"A. All of us were in the veranda where the meeting was

held. I was at the veranda myself. I was part of the


Q. Are you saying the 12 of you were there when the

conversation took place?

A. Yes, because the meeting had not ended yet so all 12 of

us were still there."

Now, the meeting to plan the attack on Kono, where did it take place?

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