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Page 9432, line 5:

"Q. What did Jungle say at the meeting?

A. Well, in the first place, Jungle himself told us about

the material that Mr Bockarie had brought and that we

should not fear this time round, and that there was no

force to that could withstand us. That was what he said in

the meeting and he said he had discussed it with the Pa in

Monrovia even before they came.

Q. And did he say what the Pa had said in Monrovia?

A. Yes. It was just what Sam Bockarie told us. He just

spoke about the same issue Sam Bockarie had spoken about,

that the Pa had said our first target should be Kono before

we should proceed."

Line 24:

"Q. Did Jungle say in the meeting what the Pa had said to

Jungle in Monrovia?

A. Yes, that is what I explained. They said they were

the ones who came so he too told us about the materials

that had been brought for the mission and that the Pa, that

they had discussed with the Pa how the mission should go

on. That is Pa Taylor."

Now, another detail, Mr Sesay, and it's this: In that third trip that Bockarie made to Monrovia and then on to Burkina Faso, did Jungle go with him?

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