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So let's go to page 9430:

"Q. This meeting, this three hour short meeting, was there

anything else discussed apart from the plan to attack

Freetown and the SAJ Musa issue?

A. Yes.

Q. What?

A. Well, at that time, even the leader who had his

revolution was there. That should be the first target to

go to Pademba Road and to free - to release the leader.

And second we were to go to State House and overthrow the

President and, if possible, if we met him there, we should

kill him.

Q. Just so it is clear, what President is to be

overthrown and possibly killed?

A. President Kabbah.

Q. And what leader was to be released from Pademba Road?

A. Foday Sankoh.

Q. The person Jungle who you discussed yesterday, was he

at this meeting?

A. Yes, yes. He was part of this 12-man meeting.

Q. Did Jungle speak at the meeting?

A. Yes."

Now, at that meeting in December which you attended, and you've already assisted us, Mr Sesay, as to who was present, was there a discussion at that meeting that in addition to moving on Freetown, that Foday Sankoh was to be released from Pademba Road Prison?

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