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That is not correct, because the meeting about the attack on Kono was in the afternoon. We went and sat by a water well. There is - there is a barri at the water well, we were in that meeting. That is myself, Mike Lamin, Eddie Kanneh, late SYB Rogers, Lawrence Womandia and Rashid Sandy who was the adjutant general at that time. After that afternoon meeting - we spent about one hour 30 minutes in that meeting. The following day we went to Johnny Paul in Kangama and Sam Bockarie briefed Johnny Paul. And the following day, Mike Lamin escorted me, that is Mike Lamin, myself and Bockarie, we went there and Bockarie informed Johnny Paul about the plan that he had made to attack Kono. And the following day Mike Lamin escorted me to the Moa River and I travelled together with Morris Kallon to Kono. So Johnny Paul was fully aware. Myself, Bockarie and Mike Lamin met him and he was informed by Bockarie about the attack on Kono.

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